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Silent Cellar - Dometic

Revolutionary “Silent Cellar”

With Dometic Wine cellars, you will be able to keep your wines in the best possible conditions, like if you had a traditional wine cellar. The technology behind the Dometic Wine Cellars, is the exclusive absorption principle. The absorption technology doesn't use a compressor or generate vibrations. There are no moving parts. This ensures an exceptional lifespan in complete silence.

“ cellars wich are vibration free, dark, damp, and kept at a constant 55°f are considered perfect for wine.” – Robert M. Parker, Jr.

  • No Vibrations
  • Operates In Complete Silence
  • Easy To Use & Energy Efficient
  • Ideal Humidity Level
  • Sliding/Storage Shelves
  • Selected Temperature Maintained Year-round

  • Shelf Solutions Customize your cellar by mixing storage and sliding shelves at your convenience. Each Wine cellar will be supplied with a mix of storage and sliding shelves. Shelves designed for practically any bottle shape

    Interactive Wine Education and Silent Cellar Information Presentation (Flash)
    An interactive Flash Presentation covering topics such as Wine Education, How to Elaborate Wine, Ageing Wine Cellars, Wine Tasting, Dometic Wine Cellar Technology and the Silent Cellar Product Line. Click here to launch this animated presentation.

    Electronic temperature control
    All you need to do is to key in the chosen temperature (ideally 12 or 13 degrees Celsius) and your cellar will start self regulating, producing heat or cold in order to respect your wishes and taking into account external temperature conditions.

    Carbon Filter
    If your wine cellar is located in a room carrying odors likely to have adverse affects for wine, the carbon filter will act as a natural barrier.

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